Adopt a playing style
Would you like to adopt famous grandmasters' playing style?

So today when I was surfing the internet, I stubbled on some interesting website that I thought might help upcoming players who would like to learn how some grandmasters think and maybe ultimately adopt their playing styles.

Guessing the moves that GMs have played has always been a highly interactive, fun and rewarding experience for everyone involved of all rating ranges. There are other websites like this, most notably ChessTempo's version even though its a premium feature and needs to be paid for. 

However in the process I found a 100% free website that had "guessing the move" concept. The website is called Move Guesser and YES it is 100% free!

So this amazing website has been developed solo by a 2100 Lichess rated player called Leon Fresh.

 Move Guesser

A demo of how the website works

About the site
A wonderful new & modern site that lets you review famous Chess games and guess the moves the masters have played from start to finish. Great for training a specific playstyle, or enjoying the show in general.

Some benefits from the site

  • Train a specific playstyle, aggressive, positional, defensive, you name it. It's awesome to play the game in the perspective of the person you're trying to learn from.

  • You can memorize a famous game and impress your friends 😉

  • You can sit back and watch high quality and famous GM games with autoplay button.

  • Coaches can give interactive lessons with their students.

Adopt a playing style
Prox Chess House, Titus Kirega 22 July, 2021
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