The Chessplayer's Diary
The beginning

Chess holds within its 64 squares an endless stream of fascination. From the first time I made my first chess move up to this very moment, I am still amazed and thrilled by the game. The more I learn, play, and interact with other players, the more I am pulled into the beautiful world of combinations, tactics and strategy.  

I acknowledge, as you already know, that improving in chess demands a clear cut plan. But that is easier said than done. Most times when I consider the vast concepts that I ought to study, I become distracted, frustrated and lost. I will sit down to study pawn structures only to remember, midway through, how poor I am at rook endgames. And so, I shift to the 100 Endgames you Should Know. Only to remember a winning position I had sometimes back that I couldn't convert. One hour later I am on YouTube watching something to do with songs to listen to while playing chess. 

Amidst the confusion, one simple plan seems to be working for me. And that is, reviewing and learning the games of grandmasters. This is a learning strategy endorsed by chess coaches the world over, and that, as it worked for Tal so will it work for you.[Sometimes back I laboured halfway through The Life and Games of Mikhail Tal book up to page 64. I am currently reconsidering my life choices before picking the book up again.]  Thus, this series dubbed The Chessplayer's Diary will highlight some of the most notable games that you should know by heart, and most importantly, point you to free, incredible materials surrounding these games.

This series will focus on one game per week. But beyond the analysis of immortal chess games ever played, this is going to be a journey. A journey of you and me; discovering chess, sharing our love for the game and even our frustrations. Since most materials about these games can be found online, my main role will be to point you to them. The space and the time left, I will fill with my random chess thoughts. Welcome to the Chessplayer's Diary.

The Chessplayer's Diary
Adiso 15 September, 2021
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