GM Caruana joins the commentary team
World Chess Championship 2021

Grandmaster Fabiano Caruana, the 2018 world championship challenger, #1 rated American chess player, and longtime #2 player in the world, will be a commentator for the 2021 World Chess Championship.

Caruana's unparalleled insights on world championship matches and on the champion Magnus Carlsen are sure to give fans a remarkable experience during the event. After nearly winning the 2016 Candidates tournament, Caruana took home the 2018 Candidates by winning his final two games, earning his spot in the 2018 World Chess Championship. On the chess world's highest stage, Caruana impressively went undefeated in 12 classical games against GM Magnus Carlsen, including pushing Carlsen to the limit in their sixth game.

Anyone who shares their favorite Caruana game using #WorldChessChamps on social media will earn a chance to win a three-month diamond membership. will have exclusive camera access on Twitch, putting you right there in the playing hall with the players, so be sure to tune in.

Press release:

Nice video of Fabiano Caruana talking about this news on Twitter after it happened, via the #WorldChessChamps hashtag:
Also announced via @FabianoCaruana


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GM Caruana joins the commentary team
Prox Chess House, Titus Kirega 3 August, 2021
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