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The true home of African chess.

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Prox Chess House was established in 2013.

Our initial agenda was to make chess affordable in the region and so we did. Now chess has become very affordable and accessible to many.

Prox Chess House is a platform for everyone. A chess player; whether beginning or advanced can access chess materials, events, equipment and news as they happen in the chess scene.

Our platform is aimed at benefitting all chess stakeholders; Trainers, Tournament Organizers, Players, Arbiters, Parents and Sponsors.

We believe that with proper structures and support; Africans can dominate chess in the world. Its just a matter of time and our small steps shall generate an African world champion soon and very soon.

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We organize amazing chess events

We manage your chess events at very affordable fees

We provide quality chess training

We promote chess and seek partners to work with us in the quest to make chess available to all!

"We must make sure that Chess will not be like a dead language, very interesting, but for a very small group."

Sytze Faber.