Olarovfan wins Wycliffe Omani's Birthday
Prox Daily Blitz - Season 5

FM Adebayo Adegboyega aka Olarovfan from Nigeria is crowned the King as he leads with a whooping 199 points in Wycliffe Omani's birthday event that was hosted under the ongoing Prox Daily Blitz season 5. The winners of the event were determined by the total points gained for the three days of the event i.e (25th, 26th and 27th July).

Meanwhile; Weakestbrain from Uganda showed his prowess as the first runners up for the event but seems he was just not good enough for the Nigerian who ensured a gap of 43 points. FM Harunov from Uganda also secured a place in the podium by being third with 129 points.

Overall Ranking in pdf can be downloaded here>>>>

Even though the birthday ended on 27th of July, Prox Daily Blitz- Season 5 still continues and shall end on 8th of Aug 2021 when we shall award the cumulative leaders of the event

You can view the current rankings for season five here.

The Sponsor

 The birthday was fully sponsored by the birthday boy himself Mr. Wycliffe Omani aka Mcliff; A big THANK YOU sir! 

Would you want to be a sponsor?

Contact us and be a blessing to the chess community. We distribute 100% of the sponsorship received. Any amount will make a difference!

Olarovfan wins Wycliffe Omani's Birthday
Prox Chess House, Titus Kirega 31 July, 2021
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